About Us

Fonder of K-OPTION were born in suburbs area of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia called Batang Kali, starting to trades car parts since year 2005. Bachelor (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from one of local top University, and, still learning to strive for a better living.

Currently working in one of top five successful Oil & Gas organization worldwide, and, extending his management skills to have five colleagues to ensure K-OPTION running and put our log book in the black. More than 5 years strangling to get K-OPTION on track, plus, running and maintain an international business relation from Malaysia is never easy. K-OPTION starting to have a physical store in year 2012 and now our stock kept worth approximately USD50,000.

Lot of hard and sweet memories from an ordinary guys who drive a super compact car till a position that he deserved now. May all your support can benefit our growth and get our car enthusiasm spirit alive.




1. We are a sole proprietor company and value your privacy. We will not share your name, address or any other personal information with anyone online or through any other medium, period.

2. We possess a good relation with major Japanese car part distributor, this can provide you a better quotes than others.

3. We do not hide behind our website. You can get all our contact information on our contact us page / FB / Instagram. Email is fine as well. Any way you would like to contact us, we are more than happy to help.

4. We have real people working full time for you! We have staff here to check the parts you order for consistency and accuracy as well as update you to the status of each item in the order. We also have full time staff here to check against damage and securely pack your goods. From first email to last tracking number email there are full time staff working around the clock to ensure the speed, accuracy and quality of your order. Rest assured that everything coming with the K-OPTION name on it will be securely, carefully and discretely packaged.

5. Our promise to you is that price should not be a reason to shop anywhere else. We pride our business on our speed of response and customer service, these aspects to a store have costs you may not be aware of. But we will try to keep our prices as close to the competition as possible. If you have found a product legitimately advertised by a competitor for cheaper shipped to your door let us know and we will do our best to at least match the price for you! We do have an extensive product range available online and it is hard to keep up to date with the latest prices so please help us keep them current by letting us know if a product seems too expensive. Note: Price matching is only applicable to identical conditions of sale. Items coming in from overseas or from an international retailer outside of Japan are NOT identical conditions of sale. By contacting us for a price match enquiry we will investigate your claim and if possible match the price for you.